Thursday, January 14, 2010


Inspiration is a big word, no body really know how to describe it, or how to get it, and if you finally got it, is it the right one? Let me share my knowledge with you about inspiration and my opinion about all this BIG word and at the end, i'll add a few tips from my experience..

So, you got a new brief, yey! But hi, wait a minute, now you need to solve the problem (there is always a problem..) and you need to do something to get an idea to solve it. But first, as you know, and i hope you are, you have to make a research for the topic of your brief and get to know the issue that you are going to design.

when you finally finished to do the research, you need to write a few points that you want to concentrate in them, and you better find some fresh points.

Now, this is the stage that you need to decide about your design for the specific issue.

It can be everything! i know! but if you want to be creative and come with really good design you must get the right inspiration.

Is there something that called right inspiration? No, i don't think so, inspiration is something that you can find everywhere, it's surrounded you even if you are not aware on it. The smart thing is to open your mind, let everything comes in, even things that you are sure that are not important like some old lady that walk in the street, usually, it's not really interesting, but hi, you never can guess what idea you can get from it.

My tips for you my friends, is to do something different when you get a new brief, like, lets say that everyday you are walking in the same way back home.. same boring way.. why not to change it? Try to change your way back home, even if it's longer, you will never know what you'll see.. my only wish from is you is, please.. don't get lost :)

Another thing that i can advice you, is even if you are in the same environment everyday, lets say, in school, try to look on things in a different way, a new way, like imagine that you are coming in the same entrance to school, in this time, go into the same entrance but try to look on it in another perspective, like you are used to see the same windows everyday, in normal way, it's boring, in different perspective, why not to use it as a grid for your typography project?

Did you get what i mean?

I hope you'll have a creative and inspired day, and I would love to hear from you about your way to get inspiration.